As a freelance journalist, step-mum and mother of two boys I am fascinated by women and stories of motherhood.  Women who have children, women who want children, women who have lost a child. Whilst motherhood is simply thrust upon some, for others the journey to motherhood is not an easy one.

Every woman has a tale and this series explores their stories. Women sharing their own experiences and providing a valuable insight into their lives.  May this series serve as a source of hope in moments of hopelessness and strength in the hours of sleep deprivation and doubt.

May the truth of the highs and lows experienced by real mums and women, from all walks of life show you that we are united.  That there is no definitive way to best raise a child. For those mourning the loss of a child or partner that you are not alone.

Through sharing our lives and our stories may we encourage one another, lift one another up and remind each other the strength found in motherhood.

Jessica Louise Nicol