Part two:

I remember everyone had to glove and gown coming into the room. It was all very sterile. I remember feeling better, they try and get you out of bed and slowly exercising as quickly as possible. I was riding 10km on the exercise bike a few weeks after, just to build up my muscle. I […]

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Part one:

When I was born, I got the all clear, they said everything was 100 per cent but when I was three-years-old, they found I’d had been born with a hole in my heart. We use to do a lot of family holidays as a kid; going camping, going to Lake Bonney or up to Queensland.  […]

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A random act of kindness

A random act of kindness… I got pulled over on Friday by the police, I had the boys in the car and was doing my best to get into town to collect a school book for Charli that she needed Monday. I was on deadline for the paper but couldn’t get a hold of Rory, […]

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Men and masculinity

By Jessica Nicol I took a sociology unit once with a lecturer who was a self-proclaimed lesbian, the course was Men and Masculinities and she, by her own admission, disliked men. During the lecture a discussion began where she proclaimed that masculinity – in its physical sense – is nothing more than a social construct, […]

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I met Nick when we were 17

I was seventeen when I met Nick, I’d just finished year twelve and it was December after exams- I was enrolled in uni but hadn’t started yet. I saw him at the cricket and then he went away for a few months over Christmas.  We met up again just before I turned 18 at a […]

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For kids being bullied…

  I remember walking into Sacred Heart College as a 12-year-old, a year younger than everyone else, wearing the wrong shoes, a blazer too big and wondering how life would ever be the same. I’d moved to Ocean Grove a couple of months earlier and was about to start year eight. Born and raised in […]

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Being a stepparent

According to what I’ve read and experienced over the years being a step mum or step father is loving your stepchild like they are your own whilst always reminding yourself that they are not. It’s caring for them but not too much, not enough to take them to the doctor or the dentist if they […]

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